Transgender Beat Homophobe

Danica Roem who is a transgender has defeated Bob Marshall who referred to himself as a chief homophobe for the Virginia House of Delegates. This historic win is a proof that Virginia embraces diversity and inclusion. Straight, gay, transgender, black, white, Hispanic, Korean, Vietnamese, Chinese, Muslim and whoever you are, as long as you appreciate and respect diversity, you will be welcoming to Virginia. We have demonstrated that we can stand up to hatred and bigotry. I am proud to be a Virginian.


By electing Ralph Northam for governor, Virginia stands up to Trump. Ed Gillespie is a loser tonight and Trump has already thrown his ass under the bus. Sorry Ed, but you know the consequence when you sided with a hater who embraces white supremacists. Virginia is for lovers, not haters.

Gillespie Has Issues

Ed Gillespie will not be good for Virginia. He vows to defund Planned Parenthood. He is weak on gun control because he is backed by the NRA. He would cut after-school funding. He supports gerrymandering. He stands behind Trump. He has too many issues that are bad for Virginia. Tomorrow is the time to elect Dr. Ralph Northam for governor, Justin Fairfax for lieutenant governor, and reelect Attorney General Mark Herring.


David Daley on Gillespie-mander:

And Ed Gillespie, who could well be elected Virginia governor on Tuesday, is directly responsible for today’s gerrymandering-on-steroids. Gillespie chaired the powerful Republican State Leadership Committee in 2010 and helped design, execute and raise tens of millions of dollars for the Redistricting Majority Project. It had the apt acronym of REDMAP. This is a closely divided country, yet all political power in Washington, and in 69 of 99 state legislative chambers, rests with the Republicans.

Gillespie can’t win Virginia.

Weakass Gillespie

On November 7, Virginia will elect a new governor. One of the pressing issues for me is gun control. Unfortunately, Ed Gillespie is bought by the NRA; therefore, he won’t fight for regulations that will prevent mass shootings. In addition, he is tied to Trump. If he can’t stand up to the incompetent president, he won’t stand up for Virginians. He is just a weakass candidate.

Republicans’ Race to the Bottom

Max Boot:

In Virginia, Ed Gillespie, a former Republican National Committee chairman and counselor to “compassionate conservative” George W. Bush, is attacking his Democratic opponent for governor, Ralph Northam, for being too sympathetic to immigrants and too unsympathetic to Confederate monuments. One particularly incendiary commercial accuses Northam of “increasing the threat of MS-13,” a drug gang from El Salvador that is evoked with pictures of tattooed gang-bangers who actually belong to a rival outfit. Gillespie’s tendentious reasoning? As lieutenant governor, Northam voted against a bill in Virginia’s Senate that would have prohibited the establishment of any “sanctuary cities,” even though Virginia does not have any such cities. MS-13 has long been a favorite Trump target, symbolizing the supposed menace of Latino immigration.

The Koch Administration

In her profile of Mike Pence, Jane Mayer points out that the Moron in Chief filled his administration with Koch suckers:

Trump began to appoint an extraordinary number of officials with ties to the Kochs and to Pence, especially in positions that affected Koch Industries financially, such as those dealing with regulatory, environmental, and fiscal policy. Short, who a few months earlier had tried to enlist the Kochs to stop Trump, joined the White House as its director of legislative affairs. Scott Pruitt, the militantly anti-regulatory attorney general of Oklahoma, who had been heavily supported by the Kochs, was appointed director of the Environmental Protection Agency. Pruitt, in turn, placed Patrick Traylor, a lawyer for Koch Industries and other fossil-fuel companies, in charge of the E.P.A.’s enforcement of key anti-pollution laws. As the Times has reported, a document called “A Roadmap to Repeal,” written by Koch operatives, has guided the E.P.A.’s reversal of Obama Administration clean-air and climate regulations. Don McGahn, who had done legal work for Freedom Partners, became White House counsel. Betsy DeVos, a billionaire heiress, who had been a major member of the Kochs’ donor network and a supporter of Pence, was named Secretary of Education. The new director of the C.I.A. was Mike Pompeo, the congressman who represented Charles Koch’s district, in Wichita, Kansas; before Pompeo ran for office, the Kochs had invested in his aerospace business. Pompeo, the former transition-team member said, “wasn’t even on Trump’s radar, but he was brought in to meet him and got appointed, like, the next day.” A recent analysis by the Checks & Balances Project found that sixteen high-ranking officials in the Trump White House had ties to the Kochs. The pattern continued among lower-level political appointees, including in Pence’s office, which was stocked with Koch alumni. Pence reportedly consulted with Charles Koch before hiring his speechwriter, Stephen Ford, who previously worked at Freedom Partners.

Once Pence replaces Trump, this country will be ruled by the Koch brothers.