Poor Old iPad

John Herrman:

If my old iPad could talk, it might ask me what has changed. If it could feel indignant, it might suggest that it isn’t the problem, and that everyone and everything else is. While it would be wrong according to the logic of its creation, it wouldn’t be incorrect. It is a piece of consumer technology, so you would expect that everything around it — its own software, Apple’s new products, the internet on which it depends — would have improved in the last five years, and that it would suffer in comparison. What seems unfair is that my old iPad, because it does nothing but provide access to these ever-evolving services, necessarily has to get worse and that it may, before long, have nowhere to go. Above all, my old iPad has revealed itself as a cursed object of a modern sort. It wears out without wearing. It breaks down without breaking. And it will be left for dead before it dies.

An enjoyable read.

Bringing Back Blogging


The answer to the passive consumption of trash is the active formulation of questions, the active search for answers and the active work of putting complex knowledge and diffuse feelings into clear words. Unlike swallowing stuff pushed down your throat, research, reflection, and concise writing clears the mind. We need to write on our own domains. Don’t post thoughts on Facebook. Use it to get traffic. Drop Medium for blogging. Own your writing. Use Twitter carefully. And on your domain, send people to other domains you like, outside the usual black holes, if possible.

The entire blog post is worth reading.

A Place to Return


I must have been a teenager then, still in high school and telling mom that I will stay up and accompany her late into the night while she was wrapping more bánh tét while I finishing my homework then later helping her with the rest of her work. We were watching one of those Paris By Night cassettes with blurry streaks due to multiple duplications of copying and talking through the night until both were tired and calling it a night.

Sometimes, it is nice to return and visit some of those wonderful memories, and they did come back in vivid details and colors to remind me how blessed I am to have a large family with whom I shared my childhood.

I love these kind of wonderful memories and I miss reading personal blog like these. In fact, MsNguyễn’s is the only personal blog that I still read these days. She still writes all these years when most bloggers had given up or moved to Facebook. I deactivated Facebook for almost a month. I have not missed it except for using Messenger to video chat with my family in Việt Nam. I will reactivate it around Lunar New Year to connect with family and friends in Việt Nam. Other than that I will focus only on this blog. I hope to see the return of the personal blog this year.

Sunday Skies

Instead of going to church, artist Byron Kim paints the sky almost every Sunday for the past seventeen years. He also writes a short comment on his work. Vinson Cunningham has written a nice piece about it.