Sex is Basic

Karin Jones writes about sleeping with married men in The New York Times:

Physical intimacy with other human beings is essential to our health and well-being. So how do we deny such a need to the one we care about most? If our primary relationship nourishes and stabilizes us but lacks intimacy, we shouldn’t have to destroy our marriage to get that intimacy somewhere else. Should we?

Good question.

Fight Over Chores

Austin Frakt:

Many of us are busy at work, but even at home, there is a lot of work to do. Meal preparation, cleaning, yard work, home maintenance and child care consume considerable time for the typical American.

Much of it isn’t fun, contributing to friction in relationships and taking time away from more pleasant activities that increase happiness. Instead of bickering over who will do the vacuuming, would family life be better if we just outsourced the job?

One survey found that 25 percent of people who were divorced named “disagreements about housework” as the top reason for getting a divorce.

We argue over chores, but they won’t break us up. It’s something else and let’s not get into that. As for chores, I don’t mind paying for them. I just feel bad that other people have to do the shit that I don’t want to do myself.

RIP, Cecil Taylor

Richard Brody:

Cecil Taylor died on Thursday, at the age of eighty-nine. Of all the jazz musicians who wrought definitive, revolutionary changes in music in the late nineteen-fifties and early nineteen-sixties, Taylor’s advances went further than anyone else’s to expand the very notion of musical form. His ideas built on the emotional and intellectual framework of modern jazz in order to extend them into seemingly new dimensions—ones that have remained utterly unassimilable by the mainstream and are still in the vanguard, rushing headlong into the future.

Hooked on Vitamins

Liz Szabo:

More than half of Americans take vitamin supplements, including 68 percent of those age 65 and older, according to a 2013 Gallup poll. Among older adults, 29 percent take four or more supplements of any kind, according to a Journal of Nutrition study published in 2017.

Often, preliminary studies fuel irrational exuberance about a promising dietary supplement, leading millions of people to buy in to the trend. Many never stop. They continue even though more rigorous studies — which can take many years to complete — almost never find that vitamins prevent disease, and in some cases cause harm.

Make the Web Better

Charlie Owen has a message for web developers:

If we want to make the web better for people then the most important thing that we can do is to learn the basics. Not of technology, but of our fellow humans.

Because, as we’ve show earlier, empathy is the most important skill that a developer can have.

Watch her talk.

Phán xét

Bài nhạc mới của Rhymastic viết về haters:

Thứ âm nhạc này đến từ góc phố
Nơi bụi bặm và mùi ẩm mốc đóng đô
Mày chỉ quen với mùi giấy bạc hòa giữa chồng nhung lụa
Lấp lánh, thảm đỏ, yeah mày sống như vua

Unshrink the Web

Robin Rendle:

We chose to build the web the way we did. But that doesn’t mean we have to live with it. In other words, the Internet might have gotten shrinkwrapped, but we can find ways to unshrink it.

We don’t need to build the next coolest web app or the next Facebook. A simple website can still be built using HTML, CSS, and a bit of creativity.

White Privilege?

Took the kids to IHOP around 10:30am. Despite many tables were empty, the hostess asked us to wait for five minutes. Another group of Spanish folks came in and the hostess told them the same thing. Then an old white man walked right in. When the hostess told him to wait, he asked, “Why do I need to wait when there are tables available?” The hostess didn’t stop him. He just sat himself down at an empty table and we just had to wait for our turn. I didn’t complain or anything. The hostess who spoke with an accent appeared to be new on the job and didn’t seem to know what to do.

Bái Phục

Hôm nọ đi H Mart ăn trưa ngồi kế bên bàn ba người Á Châu. Một ông già hói, một người đàn bà xồn xồn, và một thiếu nữ độ 30 mấy có thể nhỏ hơn hoặc bằng tuổi của tôi. Lúc đầu không biết là người Việt cho tới khi ông già gọi người đàn bà xồn xồn là má và gọi cô thiếu nữ là em. Té ra mẹ vợ ông này còn trẻ tuổi hơn ổng nữa. Thật bái phục. Định qua hỏi ông ấy có nhận đệ tử không.

Orchestrated DJs

A philharmonic performance via turntables. Simply stunning sound.