Sarah Hyndman: Why Fonts Matter

An enlightening look at the personality of types. Through friendly writing an engaging examples, Hyndman invites readers to feel or even taste the typefaces. Why Fonts Matter is a fun read for non-type nerds.

Family Love

I am been coughing violently to the point that my head hurt, my nose bled, and my chest ached. I said to my wife, “I don’t have a back pain; therefore, I don’t have the ‘c’ word.” She responded, “If you get the back pain then you will die.” Đạo asked me, “Daddy, when are you going die?” I smiled and replied, “You will be the first one to know.” I really appreciate the straight-no-chaser love from my family members.

The other day as I was enjoying watching these girls on TV. Đạo asked me, “Do you want to marry these girls?” I replied, “No, I am already married to your mommy.” He was still in doubt, “But you wish you could marry them.” His mom chimed in, “Your kid walks in your shoes.”

Whining and Bitching

He was not ranting and raving, just whining and bitching like a whiny little bitch. The orange, thin-skinned whiny little bitch was hurt by the press’s tone of hatred. From grabbing women’s pussy to banning Muslim to dishonoring judges, his tone and action are filled with hatred. If you want to be a president, behave like one. If you can’t, get the fuck out. Stop whining and bitching. By the way, I am not ranting and raving. I am just having fun.

Nhạc Xưa Remixed

Tuần trước bị cảm nên ở nhà. Không muốn xem TV và cũng không muốn theo dõi tin tức trên mạng nên mở YouTube lên tìm nhạc Việt Nam. Không biết bấm gì mà nó ra cái video này. Không biết ba em này là ai mà sao sexy thế. Mấy em chơi đồ playboy, hát bài cũ nhưng qua DJ nhạc club. Thế là xem tiếp cho đỡ bệnh.

Nhờ đó mà tôi mới biết đến nhóm Nhật Nguyệt với ba nàng Mina Nguyễn, Minh Thảo, và Ngọc Thúy. Các em ca thì cũng OK nhưng nhìn sướng hơn. Tuy những mẫu áo rất khoe khoang tôi lại thích những chiếc áo dài trắng kính đáo nhưng không kém phần khiêu gợi.

Ngoài nhóm Nhật Nguyệt, tôi cũng thích xem Trương Đình, Saka Trương Tuyền, và Nina Trâm. Bây giờ nhạc Việt Nam mới quá hiếm nên thôi thì xem lại nhạc cũ qua nhạc club cho đỡ buồn.

Where Are Web Design Resources?

I have not been keeping up with the latest web design and development in the past year. Many years ago, I stayed up-to-date with my RSS reader, but web designers and developers don’t blog much anymore. Then Twitter became my source for design and development. Unfortunately 95% of my Twitter feed is now about politics. I rarely find tweets about web design anymore. I used to read technical books on web design and development, but those books are also not being published as much as they used to.

Then again, my design and development approach is pretty old school. I don’t use any frameworks. I try to write clean HTML and as few CSS lines as I can. I only use JavaScript when I absolutely have to. I still prefer clean, simple design over parallax scrolling and complex layout. Typography matters the most to me. The text has to be readable. I don’t set out to create cool, hip, and trendy sites. I create long-lasting web.

Because of my design sensibility, I don’t need to learn every new framework that comes out. I don’t need to keep up with every new tricks and techniques. I just have to keep my eyes on new CSS development to do more things like typographic controls and grid layouts.

Gout Update

I have my gout under control (I hope). It hasn’t flared up again even though I had gone back to my usual diet. I eat pretty much anything except for beef. I haven’t had steak, phở, and bún bò Huế. I don’t really miss them, but if I want to I could eat once in a while. In contrast, the inability to control what I eat has other effects, like getting fat and fatigue.

I haven’t taken Uloric nor Allopurinol to control my gout. Apple cider vinegar seems to do the trick when I had some Tequila shots for three or four days in a row at our annual family reunion. In addition, I think blanco Tequila, which is pure and not aged, doesn’t seem to affect gout. I don’t drink hard liquor anymore. I do drink some wine and saké. They seem to play nice.

Life with gout isn’t all that bad after all. I am less stressed out about it now than before. The only things I am giving up are beer and liquor. I can handle those. It’s nice not to have hangovers and I might live longer without them.

Rob Walker on Design

Rob Walker:

Like “writing,” design can be done well or poorly, or done brilliantly to dubious ends, or done awfully but somehow be successful anyway. If the first season of “Abstract” settles the question of design’s cool cultural status, maybe it can also lead to a new version of the conversation (in Season 2?) about what design is, and why we should care. Instead of merely seeking to have the design idea appreciated and applauded, advocates can start talking, instead, about the opportunity to have it taken seriously.

Paul Kalanithi: When Breath Becomes Air

A heartbreaking memoir of a young neurosurgeon who faced his own terminal illness. Even in his final days on earth, Dr. Kalanithi managed to leave us with his courageous, compassionate words on dealing with death. In her epilogue, his wife writes: “Paul’s decision to look death right in the eye was a testament not just who he was in the final hours of his life but who he had always been. For much of his life, Paul wondered about death—and whether he could face it with integrity. In the end, the answer was yes.” Lung cancer claimed his body but never his spirit. It’s a painful yet beautiful read.

Abstract: The Art of Design

The new Netflix original, which has been buzzing in the design community, lives up to its hype. I just finished watching episode one with illustrator Christoph Niemann who is know for his New Yorker covers and episode six with graphic designer Paula Scher who is known for her expressive typographic designs. Both profiles, which revealed the designers’ thinking and process, are inspiring. Can’t wait to watch the remaining episodes from season one. If you are a designer, Abstract: The Art of Design is a must-watch.