Learning Through Losing

A few weeks ago, Đạo started his chess lesson once a week after school. He has been excited to play with me at home. The first time we played, he did well for a beginner. He lost, but commanded all the moves. The second time we played, he lost again, but got better. My wife told me that I should let him win. The third time we played, he lost again, but flipped out because he could not get any victory. I calmly explained to him that he would learn much more through losing. I told him my experience of how I learned to play Chinese chess.

When I started learning Chinese chess, I was around his age or a couple years older. My father was hardly around; therefore, I played mostly with kids in the neighborhood. I preferred to play with kids who could beat me. They motivated me to get better at my game. I learned to defend first before attack. Although I have not played Chinese chess for a long time, the concept and strategy stayed with me. Transferring those skills to chess was easy.

I am not that great at chess and I am sure Đạo will beat me in the near future. We played the forth time and he showed improvements. He watched my moves to defend his pieces. Although he lost, but his awareness is sharper. I hope that losing would make him stronger and wanted to play better. I don’t see the point of letting him win. He needs to earn his victory. Once he gets there, he will feel great. I don’t think I am being to hard on him.

Michael Che Matters

From Jesus as a shitty carpenter to white women taking over Brooklyn to being pro-choice for not having kids, SNL’s Michael Che is provocative but honest. H also explains “screw the pooch,” which doesn’t meaning to fuck a dog. His materials are a bit scattered, but hilarious with punchlines.

Switched to HTTPS

All of the Scalia Law Sites are now switched to HTTPS. Mad props to my new developer. After many trials and errors, he finally figured it out. This has been on my to-do list for a while, but I couldn’t to it because I have other requests and projects. I am glad to have someone to just focus on getting this done. Now all of our sites, including the main one, are moved to HTTPS. An added level of security is an added layer peace of mind. I still have so much to learn about running and maintaining servers, but having great people to work with is awesome.

Amy Schumer: The Leather Special

Schumer’s strongest moment on The Leather Special is the brief departure to gun control. Unfortunately, that topic only lasted about a minute. The rest of the hour is just dirty sex talk. I am usually don’t mind raunchy jokes, but the in-your-face materials didn’t do it for me.

Katherine Ryan: In Trouble

Ms. Ryan claims that she doesn’t hate all the Jews. She just hates one Jew, but that was how it all started. In her latest Netflix special, Ms. Ryan is frank, funny, and foul as fuck. From coyote to Cosby, she provokes both animal activists and rape victims, but that’s how comedy works. Just laugh and enjoy the show even if the material offends you.

Mike Birbiglia: Thank God for Jokes

In a brilliantly-written, calmly-delivered, and hilarious-yet-serious standup special, Mike Birbiglia caresses the jokes, makes loves to the jokes, and married to the jokes. He proves why jokes matter and why we should embrace them. I can live with that.