Computers in Libraries 2017

For this year’s conference, I wanted to hit as many different tracks as I could. The conference has five different tracks; therefore, choosing the one I wanted is a bit of a challenge. I also wanted to avoid any topic that is related to web technologies. I am so tired of hearing about Drupal, WordPress, Bootstrap, and so on.

It turned out that I had a better time listening to other topics. For instance, a presentation on how school libraries are using Minecraft as a learning tool for kids was fascinating. It is reassuring that the game my kids, Đạo in particular, are obsessed with is not a bad thing. In fact, I should encourage them to play and learn.

In addition, the conference gives me a guilty-free pleasure to be away from the office. I still answer work emails on occasions, but it is nice to just relax for a few days listening to people shared what they are doing. Today is my last day so I need to take advantage of it.

Jim Van Meer’s Under The Gun

Last Saturday evening, I had the pleasure of attending Jim Van Meer’s exhibition for his MFA in graphic design. In his final project and thesis, he uses graphic design to send a powerful message on gun violence, a serious issue that we are still facing today in America. He writes:

My final project and thesis are an attempt to allow people to see the cold-hard facts of gun violence in America and let them ponder the effects that guns have on this country. Through the use of interpretive graphics, storytelling, and experiential methods, it is my intent to further the dialogue about guns and gun violence through a thoughtful perspective.

Based on the success of the exhibition and the book he has written, Jim will have my full support if he ever decided to run for office. We need more people like Jim to tackle this issue. If you want to read his thesis, download the PDF copy.

CSS Grid References

Chen Hui Jing’s “A Complete Guide to CSS Grid” for Codrops and Rachel Andrew’s “CSS Grid Layout” are on my to-read list.

Better Web Type

Better Web Typography for a Better Web is an email course teaches web designers and developers typesetting for the web. The author is Matej Latin who is the creator of Gutenberg—the Meaningful Web Typography Starter Kit and Quotes on Type.

100 Illustrations by Chris Silverman

I have been enjoying Chris Silverman’s One Hundred Things. Chris is a former colleague at Vassar, a dear friend, and a kick-ass illustrator. Also check out his beautiful editorial design for Vassar Stories.

Minimalist Web Design

Nick Babich:

When it comes to minimalism, don’t think it’s easier just because it’s simpler. Because there are fewer elements, you must provide the same level of usability with less interface elements.

For over 15 years of practicing minimal design, I still am in love with it.

Praise for Prowebtype

Ricardo Magalhães:

While Mathew chose to leave behind the practical bits of the digital and technical world of web design, Donny Truong has done an epic effort at crafting yet another beautifully and knowledgeable guide to Professional Web Typography that no one in the web design world should miss. Apart from touching on the fundamentals of type, Donny presents very clear and by-chapter best practices on how to deal with fonts on the web, how to put their features to best use and how to craft efficient UIs using type.

Thanks Ricardo!

Aldhahi Profiles Heller

Mariam Aldhahi:

The blend of impatience and insecurity that has pushed Heller throughout his career hasn’t stopped, but it has matured. Heller now has a vision for how things could and should be.

CSS Grid Basics

An overview of the basic concepts of CSS grid layout written by Rachel Andrew for MDN. Bookmark it for future guides.

Moving to HTTPS?

Need help migrating your site to HTTPS? Read Moving to HTTPS Guide. It allows you narrow down your specific needs based on your platform, web server, and access.