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Zeynep Tufekci: Twitter and Tear Gas

Whether organizing protests or disseminating fake news, social media is both a powerful and dangerous tool that allows instant connections and viral communications. With firsthand observations, insightful interviews, and thorough researches, Tufekci provides compelling analysis into the roles of the social networks, including blogging, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, that had changed political outcomes around the world. A must-read, and the typesetting in beautiful Scala makes it pleasurable to dive in.

Tốt Hơn


Anh đã có người mới, cô ấy tốt hơn.
Không như em đâu, lâu lâu cô ấy không lên cơn.

Hết Khóc

Hôm nay đưa Xuân đến trường em không còn khóc nữa. Em ngoan ngoãn vào sân chơi với các bạn. Chỉ ngày thứ tư mà hết khóc thì giỏi lắm.

Xuân đã bắt đầu nói. Chữ đầu tiên là “mine.” Cái gì cũng mine hết. Mỗi lần Xuân muốn ba mang giày cho Xuân thì Xuân đem giày rồi đập tay xuống ghế ra dấu hiệu cho ba ngồi xuống để Xuân leo vào lòng ba.

Gần tháng nay, mỗi lần ị, Xuân chỉ vào mong và nói “poop.” Ba không còn phải ngử nữa.

Kính Ướt


Nhìn em qua lăng kính,
anh chỉ thấy căng và trơn
Để thay cái lens zoom
chi tiết trên người em nó rõ nét hơn
88, 59 và 90 là căng
Đường cong của em
cũng là lý do trên người anh có đường thẳng

Well Adjusting

Our little Xuân is adjusting well at the new daycare. The scream at the drop-off this morning only lasted a minute. He was sitting with his teacher when I walked by the romper room. He seems to enjoy all the activities, like playing with water, at the new school. He is just not eating much these days.

Đạo and Đán get to stay home with mommy. Summer camps are way too expensive. They get to hang out with each other while mom is working. They also get to sleep in late and do nothing academic for a while. Let them breathe and take life easy. They do need to do all kind of activities all the time. I would love to have free time on my hand like I used to have when I was a little kid.

New School

Today Xuân started daycare at the Jewish Community Center. At the drop-off, he screamed as expected. Still, it was painful to walk away. He did fine for the rest of the day. I hope he’ll get over it sooner rather than later. I am sure he’ll do fine, but it is still hard hearing your own kid bawling.

Parental Failure

When I asked Đán to turn off his game for dinner, he smacked the iPad against his forehead. I tossed the iPad to the floor and told him not to touch it again. He cried, “daddy,” repeatedly, but I refused to talk to him. I was angry. I just could not stand seeing him self-destruct. What’s next? He would bang his head against the wall if he doesn’t get what he want?

I am so fed up with the constant fighting and bickering between Đạo and Đán. I had to repeat myself like a broken record trying to get them to stop, but they wouldn’t until they punched or scratched each other.

Crazy Day

Woke up early, packed up, and drove home from Wildwood. An hour and a half later, my sister called informing us that her car broke down. The alternator was malfunctioned and needed to be replaced. She rode in the tow truck. We drove back to pick up mom and my sister’s kids. Bought them some lunch and dropped them off at the auto repair shop.

Drove back home again and listened to the new Jay Z album while the kids were sleeping. Got home late. The house is messy, but too exhausted to do anything. Ate instant noodle, gave the kids a bath, and kicked back a little bit. It’s time for bed.

Goodbye Wildwood

Another vacation week had quickly flown by. I am now exhausted from playing with the boys on the beach and chasing after little Xuân all week. I am happy, however, that I could spend some time with my mom, sister, niece, and nephew. They have been really patience with our boys. I really appreciate that. I hope we can do it again next year.

We will be heading back to Virginia and back to work for four days. Next Friday, we will be heading to Marble Falls, Texas for my wife’s family’s annual reunion. I am excited although I am kind of burnt out. I am hoping I can be recharged in the next couple of days.

Barbara Feinman Todd: Pretend I’m Not Here

In her compelling memoir, Barbara Freinman Todd reveals the craft of ghostwriting: “Writing other people’s live is a bit silly, like playing dress-up, clomping around in your mother’s pumps that don’t quite fit, but it also lets you have a momentary sense of what it’s like to be someone else.” She began her career as a copy aide at the Washington Post, advanced to be a researcher for Bob Woodward in the investigative unit, and became ghostwriter for high profile politicians in Washington. Her work for the First Lady Hillary Clinton led to mistreatment from Clinton herself who refused credit her for ghostwriting It Takes a Village and the betrayal from her mentor Woodward. A fascinating read.