Dr. Xuan

Inaccessible Websites Are Getting Sued

Elizabeth A. Harris writes in the New York Times:

For decades, lawyers for the disabled have used the Americans With Disabilities Act to force businesses to make their spaces more physically accessible, by adding ramps, widening doorways or lowering countertops.

But the steady migration of commerce and culture to the internet has given rise to a new flood of litigation, over the accessibility of websites to the visually impaired. The number of such lawsuits nationwide nearly tripled in 2018 over the year before.

Making your website accessible is a must.

Warren: A Major Intellectual Figure

Paul Krugman:

By the way, I don’t know whether Warren will or even should get the nomination. But she’s a major intellectual figure, and is pushing her party toward serious policy discussion in a way that will have huge influence whatever her personal trajectory.


The Case Against Cough Medicine

Jane E. Brody writes in The New York Times:

Because manufacturers try to hit all bases, over-the-counter cough remedies most often contain combinations of three or four ingredients when a patient may need only one or two. Typical ingredients include a cough suppressant, an expectorant and an antihistamine, when better hydration or drinking hot tea with honey may be all someone really needs to quell a nagging cough.

I’ll try hot tea with honey next time.

Why We Should Choose Warren Over Sanders

Moira Donegan writes in The Guardian:

Like Sanders, Warren has a long career of railing against the injustice of a country where the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. Unlike him, she has a proven track record outside of the Senate, helping to establish the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau during the Obama administration and writing the book – actually, writing several books – on how to help working families by making finance and debt laws more fair.

This one is important:

The fact is that Warren is to the left of Sanders on some issues, notably gun control.

I concur.

Lưỡi mập

Ngày mai trời lại tuyết. Trường học và chỗ làm lại đóng cửa. Tối nay trời trở lạnh thèm chút “thịt da thơm ngát tình nồng” mà không được. Ráng chịu vậy.

Sáng nay đi clean răng. Ông nhà sĩ thấy trên lưỡi có dấu răng. Ông bảo rằng lưỡi tôi hơi to nên đụng phải răng. Giờ đây không chỉ thân mập mà lưỡi cũng mập nữa sao?

Ổng lại bắt khám hơi thở. Kết quả là tôi thở không đều đặn nên có thể bị vấn đề ngủ. Quả thật là tôi ngủ không ngon giấc gì có chịu đi ngủ đâu. Tôi thèm được những giờ phút yên lặng. Chỉ khi nào mấy thằng con ngủ rồi tôi mới được thời gian cho chính mình. Không đọc sách thì viết nhảm như bây giờ thay vì đi ngủ.

Hôm qua cũng thức khuya sửa chữa lại trang Nghệ thuật chữ Việt cho đến gần hai giờ sáng. Hôm nay cũng khá mệt nhưng ngày mai được nghỉ thì tiếp tục thức tiếp.

Vẫn chưa gọi điện thoại cho mẹ và mẹ cũng chẳng gọi cho tôi. Tôi nhớ mẹ lắm nhưng vẫn bị shock. Cứ tưởng mình vẫn luôn luôn là thằng con trai cưng của mẹ. Chẳng lẽ câu “Xa mặt cách lòng” vẫn có thể áp dụng cho tình mẹ con? Dường như mẹ đã mất đi niềm hy vọng trong tôi. Tôi đã bỏ mẹ để sống cuộc sống riêng của mình. Chẳng lẽ tôi phải gạt bỏ đi cuộc sống của mình để làm tròn chữ hiếu? Giờ đây tôi cảm thông được nỗi khổ của ba lúc xưa. Ông đã vì chữ hiếu mà đã rời xa vợ con gần ba mươi năm qua.

Cuộc sống thật quá phức tạp. Giữa tình nghĩa và trách nhiệm nên phải làm sao? Chẳng lẽ phải chặt đi tay trái hoặc tay phải?

Moving Off Adobe Fonts

For the longevity of Vietnamese Typography, I have decided to move away from subscription-based service and host all fonts locally. As of today, my book website is no longer depending on Adobe Fonts. I have removed all fonts that have been served via Typekit, especially in the “Type Recommendations” section.

I am reaching out directly to the source to allow me to host the font files (WOFF2) on my site. Many thanks to the following type designers and foundries for providing me with copies of their web fonts: Darden Studio, Kilotype, Huerta Tipográfica, David Jonathan Ross, and Juanjo López.

While updating the site, I also went through and copyedited all the pages. This is what I love about using the web as a platform. I can continue to update and improve without having to reprint everything. My next step is to move off Google Fonts as well. I would like to keep this book online as long as I can. If I need to pass it off, I would like all fonts to continue to work. Moving off Adobe forced me to abandon some quality typefaces, but it is better for the long run. Jeremy Keith has been my inspiration for keeping an archive of my projects on my own site and not relying on a third party.

I will continue to acquire Vietnamese fonts when I have the resource. If you have Vietnamese-supported typefaces and would like to feature on my site, please get in touch.

Benjamin Dreyer: Dreyer’s English

As a passionate blogger, I like to read books on writing and grammar from time to time to up my game. I tend to collect them as well. My latest acquisition is Dreyer’s English by Benjamin Dreyer who is copy chief of Random House. Drawing from over twenty years of copyediting experience, Dreyer offers an informative guide to clarity and style written from his own concise and humorous prose. I love “The Trimmables” section, which includes “added bonus and assless chaps.” It is definitely a recommended read to improve your prose.

Level of Frugality

Last Saturday my wife wanted me to take Đạo and Đán to a chess competition. It cost $45 for each to enter. I didn’t want to take them because they were not ready. They are still amateur and they only played chess once in a while. They are not passionate about it. My wife’s reasoning was that the competition would make them more motivated. I didn’t want to spend $90 just so they can get knockout in their first round. Then I would have to explain to them about winning and losing. My wife and I got into a little argument it. I was just being realistic. Not that I don’t want them to enter the competition, I would like to see them put more effort into it. If they want to compete they would need to beat me first.

Đạo, Đán, and I ended up going to Chinese buffet for lunch. Đán treated himself with five plates of crawfish. We spent $40 and enjoyed our time together. My point is that we are not crazy rich Asian; therefore, we have to choose how we spend our money. I don’t sweat it if we spend $100 on restaurant. We all need to eat. I am more stressed out when we have to spend a few grants on fixing our car or house. I am trying to do as much as I can myself to minimize the costs.

If I can be at the comfort level of not having to think about what I need spend on house, car, and vacation, that would be fantastic. I am, however, grateful for the level that I am in. As long as we are not starving and not having a home, I am not complaining. I just need to be mindful of my level of frugality. The kids also need to understand that money do not just falls out of trees.

Tom Gjelten: A Nation of Nations

By focusing on Fairfax, Virginia, Gjelten tells the story of American immigration. His profiles include Mark Keam and Alex Seong from Korea, Esam Omeish from Libya, The Alarcón family from Bolivia, and Marta Quintanilla from El Salvador. These stories are inspiring, and yet no profile of a Vietnamese family? The Vietnamese community in Fairfax community is quite extensive as well. Although the paste is slow at times, it is still a good read. I am very proud of the the diversity of the country we are living in.