What a Crazy Week

First my gout flared up then the washer broke. I tried to fix it and I screwed up the water level pipe. The water overflowed. Fortunately my mother-in-law discovered it before the water flooded the entire basement. I spent Tuesday night vacuumed up all the water.

On Wednesday, we decided to get a new washer because the current one makes rambunctious noise when it spin. The delivery came this morning, but could not fit through the laundry room. For some reasons, the previous owners had extended the wall a bit after they already had the washer and dryer in. This weekend, I have to cut the wall in order to get the new washer through and the old one out. What a pain.

Speaking of pain, my gout is somewhat under control. I have been eating healthier. I am avoiding red meat, seafood, as well as alcohol. Mad props to my wife for taking great care of me. That’s real love. I am definitely a very lucky dude. I am very appreciative of having a loving family and I don’t want to take them for granted. I want to spend as much time with them as I could.

In addition to eating healthier, I have been trying to sleep better. I go to bed the same time the boys go to bed. The iPhone is now out of the bedroom at night. I don’t even open up my laptop after work, which means no more late night blogging, tweeting, Facebooking, working, freelancing, or learning new technologies. I also deleted both Twitter and Facebook off my phone.

A week before my birthday, I deactivated my Facebook account simply because I don’t want to get any birthday wishes. My birthday had passed, but I still haven’t reactivated my account. Maybe I don’t need to any longer.

I am still obsessed with reading. I have been visiting the public library frequently to get my hands on new nonfiction books. I guess I won’t be reading much this weekend. I have to cut the wall and mow the lawn. I hate doing these chords. I rather take the kids out on the weekend and drive them around during nap time. So many responsibilities when you own a house and I have never been a handyman. If I have the luxury, I would hire others to take care of those things for me, but I don’t so I must do it.

Weekend Reads


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The Endless Cycle of Verizon’s Customer Experience

Our Fios Internet has been slowed and dropped constantly the past few months. I was hoping the router would fix itself so I don’t have to call Verizon’s customer service, but the problem has not been fixed and my wife kept pressing me to call so I did yesterday. I dialed 1-800-837-4966 and managed to get a representative after selecting some options. After taking down my account information and the issue, she transferred me to tech support. Again, after taking down my information and issue, anther representative transferred to Fios department. Again, after taking down my information and issue, anther representative transferred to Fios tech support. Then the Fios tech support transferred me back to the the same original options I first got when I dialed the 1-800 number. Wasting 45 minutes, I was led to nowhere and all I simply wanted was a new router.

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