The H Word

Last night, Đạo dropped the H word. “I hate you,” he said. I schooled him, “This is how you repay for all things that I had done for you. I fed you. I brushed your teeth and gave you a bath every night. I wiped your butt.” Đán added, “He let you play with the iPad and played chess with you.” Đạo broke down, “You’re making me feel bad.” I replied, “But you hurt me.” He apologized, “I am so sorry, daddy. I will remember you forever.” I said, “I forgive you, but you need to think before you say things like that.” Đán asked, “What does forgive mean?”

Sign of Narcissist?

When I came to pick Đán up, he proudly showed me his self portrait and said, “Daddy, do you know what I am going to do with the picture? I am going to stare at it because I look so handsome.”

Learning Through Losing

A few weeks ago, Đạo started his chess lesson once a week after school. He has been excited to play with me at home. The first time we played, he did well for a beginner. He lost, but commanded all the moves. The second time we played, he lost again, but got better. My wife told me that I should let him win. The third time we played, he lost again, but flipped out because he could not get any victory. I calmly explained to him that he would learn much more through losing. I told him my experience of how I learned to play Chinese chess.

When I started learning Chinese chess, I was around his age or a couple years older. My father was hardly around; therefore, I played mostly with kids in the neighborhood. I preferred to play with kids who could beat me. They motivated me to get better at my game. I learned to defend first before attack. Although I have not played Chinese chess for a long time, the concept and strategy stayed with me. Transferring those skills to chess was easy.

I am not that great at chess and I am sure Đạo will beat me in the near future. We played the forth time and he showed improvements. He watched my moves to defend his pieces. Although he lost, but his awareness is sharper. I hope that losing would make him stronger and wanted to play better. I don’t see the point of letting him win. He needs to earn his victory. Once he gets there, he will feel great. I don’t think I am being to hard on him.

Fantastic Dad

Thứ Hai vừa qua, tôi đến đón Đạo và Đán sau giờ học bơi. Tiện chỗ tắm luôn cho hai đứa. Sau đó hai đứa muốn ăn sushi. Đán phàn, “Con không có ăn trưa ở trường vì họ cho con cơm thối trộn với đậu.” Nghe thảm quá nên tôi gọi mẹ nó bảo ra chợ Đại Hàn ăn tối. Mẹ nó không muốn đi nên ở nhà với thằng Xuân.

Đến chợ Đại Hàn thì họ không có làm eel sushi ngày trong tuần thế thì ba cha con đi ăn nhà hàng Nhật. Phần appetizer, tôi gọi một đĩa mực chiên, một tô đậu hũ chiên, và một phần đậu hấp. Gọi một tô mì udon chia làm ba. Một lọ saké nóng cho tôi và 12 cái eel sushi cho hai đứa nhỏ. Hai đứa ăn không đủ nên tôi gọi thêm 6 cái nữa.

Sau khi ăn no nê Đán nói, “You are a fantastic dad.” Lần đầu tiên được thằng con khen tôi tất vui tuy cái bill 95 đô và 20 đô tiền tip. Thấy hai thằng con ăn ngon miệng cũng đáng.

Boys’ Talk

While taking a bubble bath together, Đạo said to Đán, “Did you know that girls don’t have cu (penis).” Đán did not say anything as he was busy playing with the water; therefore, I asked Đạo what do girls have. He replied, “Something like a half butt crack.”

Đán’s Talks

As Đán walking and holding and his little cousin’s hand, I gave them a compliment, “You two look so cute.” Đán asked, “Aren’t you going take a picture?” I responded, “Of course,” pulled out my phone, and snapped. Đán demanded, “I want you to put it on Amazon.”

In the car, Đán requested a wipe to clean his hands after eating a bag of mini Oreo. He said, “I recognize that I can’t get the dirt off my fingers with a wet towel.” I asked, “What does recognize mean.” He responded, “It means you recognize something.”

Family Love

I am been coughing violently to the point that my head hurt, my nose bled, and my chest ached. I said to my wife, “I don’t have a back pain; therefore, I don’t have the ‘c’ word.” She responded, “If you get the back pain then you will die.” Đạo asked me, “Daddy, when are you going die?” I smiled and replied, “You will be the first one to know.” I really appreciate the straight-no-chaser love from my family members.

The other day as I was enjoying watching these girls on TV. Đạo asked me, “Do you want to marry these girls?” I replied, “No, I am already married to your mommy.” He was still in doubt, “But you wish you could marry them.” His mom chimed in, “Your kid walks in your shoes.”


Yesterday when taken a bath, Đán rubbed his scrotum and asked, “Daddy, is this where pee pee is stored?” I replied, “Not pee pee, but something else called sperms.”

Đán is a curious kid and he knows quite a bit for a five year-old. Sometimes what he said we couldn’t figured out if he was joking or telling the truth. The good thing is that he is open and very comfortable to tell us things on his mind. His verbal skill is way surpass his other skills. He still can’t tell me the alphabet letters. He paid no attention when I asked him to tell me each letter.

I am bit concerned, but also hopeful that he’ll pick up quickly in kindergarten. He is still a kid and I don’t want to push him too hard.

Xuân Một Tuổi

Hôm nay Cu Xuân đúng một tuổi. Thằng út này là tội nghiệp nhất. Trong một năm bệnh cả mấy tháng. Bây giờ nhìn ốm xanh xao. Bù lại thì nó rất yêu đời và rất mê nhạc. Có khóc hay bệnh mà nghe nhạc là nhảy liền. Ăn uống cũng thế thấy ai ăn gì thì đòi ăn nấy. Thích ăn dim sum nhất là cháo hột vịt Bắc Thảo và xíu mại. Thích uống sinh tố rau do ba làm mỗi buổi sáng. Cà rem và chips hai thằng anh nó thích nó cũng thích. Thời giang qua thật nhanh, mới đó mà nó đã một tuổi rồi. Hy vọng sau một tuổi Xuân sẽ mạnh mẽ hơn và không bị bệnh nữa.

Cry & Laugh

Our little Xuân started daycare on Monday. The first day, the entire family dropped him off. I didn’t cry when a teacher held him for a few minutes. Then he realized she was holding on him for too long and started to bawl. He was doing fine when we came to pick him up. I have been dropping him off in the past two days and the old feeling came back. Even though I know he will be fine, it is still heartbreaking hearing him cry.

Last night before bedtime, I told Đán to use the bathroom. He replied, “I don’t need to go to the bathroom. My cu said he doesn’t need to go pee pee.” OK son, you’ve made the case.