More mass shooting, more children died, more thoughts and prayers, yet nothing has been done. How can one of the most children-loving nations in the world has failed to protect our own kids from horrific dead? From college students to high schoolers to kindergartners, we watched them murdered again and again and we have done nothing.

We protect our children from falling. We protect our children from bullying. We protect our children from domestic violence. We protect our children from sexual abuse. And yet, we have not protect them from getting shot right on school ground where are they supposed to be safe and sound.

If the children are our future, we have failed them repeatedly. We robbed their future by cutting their life short. At this point, if nothing can change our mind on gun law, I don’t know what else will motivate us to do something. More American children will die if all we can do is offering thoughts and prayers.

Shame on America for choosing politics over people and guns over lives. How is it possible that one of the richest and most advanced countries in the world failed to protect its own innocent children? What the fuck is wrong with America? We are not the do-nothing nation. We can do something about this. Not next election cycle, not next year, not next month, and not tomorrow. Now’s the time.

Big Stupid Bully

The seventy-something bully is so stupid that he is getting fucked by a little thirty-something White Supremacist without even realizing it. The little White Supremacist pays the big stupid bully some compliments on TV and he does everything the little guy tells him to do. It’s really a damn shame the way one of the greatest countries in the world operates nowadays. If the government can’t get its act together then it needs to get shutdown. I am counting by the minute to the midterm election.

He is a/an…

White Supremacist

At this point, nothing he says can be shocking anymore. The media is giving way too much attention. The more outrageous words come out of his foul mouth, the more galvanizing his base gets. He has nothing to lose and so much to gain. I have learned to ignore what he says and tweets. His words no longer get to me. I am shocked or mad. Nothing he says is unthinkable, unimaginable, and unspeakable. I won’t fall into his word trap anymore. I still love America and I still believe in our strong democracy. He will go down and out.


Masha Gessen:

To think that a madman could be running the world’s most powerful country, to think that the Commander-in-Chief would use Twitter to mouth off about whose nuclear button is bigger or to call himself a “very stable genius,” verges on the impossible. If the word “unthinkable” had a literal meaning, this would be it.

At this point, nothing about this president is unimaginable, unthinkable, and unspeakable. I have to change my view on American politics to keep me from going crazy.

The Impact of Ending Net Neutrality

New York Public Libraries:

To see who will be affected, simply walk into any New York City library branch. See the students who literally cannot do their homework without our computers. See the parents and caregivers who are learning English and applying for jobs online to improve their circumstances. See the higher education students, independent researchers, and scholars who need our databases and online collections to further scholarship. Imagine how frustrated they will be, how demoralized, that they can no longer access what they need.


Thank you for standing up to two fucking sexual predators. You have restored decency and common sense. You have also sent a message to these powerful creeps. They can not do anything they fucking want to young girls and women. We will continue this fight until the fucking predator in the White House is completely removed.