The Impact of Ending Net Neutrality

New York Public Libraries:

To see who will be affected, simply walk into any New York City library branch. See the students who literally cannot do their homework without our computers. See the parents and caregivers who are learning English and applying for jobs online to improve their circumstances. See the higher education students, independent researchers, and scholars who need our databases and online collections to further scholarship. Imagine how frustrated they will be, how demoralized, that they can no longer access what they need.


Thank you for standing up to two fucking sexual predators. You have restored decency and common sense. You have also sent a message to these powerful creeps. They can not do anything they fucking want to young girls and women. We will continue this fight until the fucking predator in the White House is completely removed.

A Visual Object

Jia Tolentino on Melania:

First as a model, then as the third wife of a billionaire, and now as a mostly mute First Lady, Melania Trump has spent much of her life in America as a visual object.

What a great opening sentence.

Misogynist in Chief

David Remnick writes in “The Weinstein Moment and the Trump Presidency”:

Breast groping, crotch grabbing, unwanted kisses on the mouth. This is the President of the United States.

It’s a damn shame.

Transgender Beat Homophobe

Danica Roem who is a transgender has defeated Bob Marshall who referred to himself as a chief homophobe for the Virginia House of Delegates. This historic win is a proof that Virginia embraces diversity and inclusion. Straight, gay, transgender, black, white, Hispanic, Korean, Vietnamese, Chinese, Muslim and whoever you are, as long as you appreciate and respect diversity, you will be welcoming to Virginia. We have demonstrated that we can stand up to hatred and bigotry. I am proud to be a Virginian.


By electing Ralph Northam for governor, Virginia stands up to Trump. Ed Gillespie is a loser tonight and Trump has already thrown his ass under the bus. Sorry Ed, but you know the consequence when you sided with a hater who embraces white supremacists. Virginia is for lovers, not haters.

Gillespie Has Issues

Ed Gillespie will not be good for Virginia. He vows to defund Planned Parenthood. He is weak on gun control because he is backed by the NRA. He would cut after-school funding. He supports gerrymandering. He stands behind Trump. He has too many issues that are bad for Virginia. Tomorrow is the time to elect Dr. Ralph Northam for governor, Justin Fairfax for lieutenant governor, and reelect Attorney General Mark Herring.


David Daley on Gillespie-mander:

And Ed Gillespie, who could well be elected Virginia governor on Tuesday, is directly responsible for today’s gerrymandering-on-steroids. Gillespie chaired the powerful Republican State Leadership Committee in 2010 and helped design, execute and raise tens of millions of dollars for the Redistricting Majority Project. It had the apt acronym of REDMAP. This is a closely divided country, yet all political power in Washington, and in 69 of 99 state legislative chambers, rests with the Republicans.

Gillespie can’t win Virginia.

Weakass Gillespie

On November 7, Virginia will elect a new governor. One of the pressing issues for me is gun control. Unfortunately, Ed Gillespie is bought by the NRA; therefore, he won’t fight for regulations that will prevent mass shootings. In addition, he is tied to Trump. If he can’t stand up to the incompetent president, he won’t stand up for Virginians. He is just a weakass candidate.

Last Man Standing

Thomas L. Friedman on Secretary of Defense James Mattis:

[T]he only one who has not been infected by Trump’s metastasizing ethical cancer, the only one who has not visibly lied on Trump’s behalf, and who can still put some fear into Trump.

It’s hopeless. No one will stand up to the big bully.