Master of the Political Machine

Robert Draper writes about Nancy Pelosi in The New York Times Magazine:

Pelosi is something of a paradox in the world of politics. A Gallup poll five months ago found her favorability rating to be at a dismal 29 percent, and yet — unlike other unpopular political figures such as Trump and Hillary Clinton — her 31 years in public life have been free of scandal. She has been excoriated from the right as the quintessence of California limousine liberalism. But she is also a practicing Catholic whose first career was as a stay-at-home mother of five children, with little in common with — and at times little patience for — the new generation of activists in her party, to whom she sometimes refers as “the lefties.” Pelosi — who with her husband, the investor Paul Pelosi, owns a large house in San Francisco’s upper-crust Presidio Heights as well as a Napa Valley vineyard — is indeed rich. But 29 members of Congress, 18 of them Republicans, are richer.

What sets her apart from other legislators of her stature is her gender. Pelosi has been known to say: “No one gives you power. You have to take it from them.” The leitmotif of her three-decade ascent is that of a woman wresting power away from a male-dominated political machine, until one day the machine discovered she was its master.

Pelosi is tough, smart, and talented. The Democrat should be thankful for her leadership.

Victory for Women

The 2018 midterm election marks a historic victory for women who have ran to rebuke Trump. Mad props to the diverse group of Congresswomen including Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, Deb Haaland, Sharice Davids, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Abby Finkenauer, Ayanna Pressley, Veronica Escobar, Sylvia Garcia, Angie Craig, Marsha Blackburn, Jahana Hayes, Young Kim, Kristi Noem, and Janet Mills. For my home state Virginia, Jennifer Wexton unseated an NRA-backed candidate.

Although Democrats took over the House, the Senate is still run by old white Republicans. We still have to put up with the antediluvian Mitch McConnell. I really wish the Democrats took over the Senate as well so that we can make that orangutan in the White House a living hell.

At least we have the women to reign him in. He’s not going to get away with his bullshit anymore. The next two years won’t be great, but they will be better than the previous two.

Just Ignore Him

He’s not a dictator. He’s a dicktator. He needs attention and he says outrageous shit just to get you outrage. The angier you get the more coverage he gets. The media needs to stop focusing on him. I don’t give a fuck how many lies he told. I am tired of reading how dangerous his rhetoric has become. I am sick of seeing his tweets being quoted like they are some prose shit.

We fall into his trap every time he makes a ridiculous comment. After two years, we should know by now. We need to ignore his stupidity and focus on the real policy. If he doesn’t get the attention he craves, I am sure he would go crazy. Imagine no one is paying attention to an incompetent president?

In a way, the Republicans are brilliant at ignoring him and just focus on their agenda. They know damn well he’s a fucking moron. They just don’t say it to his face or in public. They just use him as a mouthpiece to distract the public from paying attention to the laws they want to pass.

The shits he says don’t surprise or shock me anymore. I don’t need the media to remind me his non-sense. Calling him out on his stupid tweets and keeping track of his lies are not working. He continues to get away with them. From grabbing women by the pussy to shooting someone to praising the white supremacists, nothing he said could sink his presidency.

What we can do is ignore his dumb shit and vote him the fuck out starting next Tuesday. I can’t wait to see the turnout and the takeover. I still have faith in America. We can’t let a dicktator run our great nation.

Vote Blue

Voting used to be harder. I had to do my research to find out which candidates to vote for. I had to choose Republicans or Democrats whose policies matched mines. For example, I am conservative on taxation and liberal on abortion.

Nowadays voting is much easier because Republicans only care about their own party. Most of them bowed down to Trump even though he mocked them, called them names, and offended their love ones. These spineless leaders don’t care about the people. They just care about their own political career. They have sold their own soul and dignity. They betrayed their country and stayed loyal to Trump even if they hate his ass. I have never seen a bunch of cowards with loud mouths but soft as a cluster of grapes.

On November 6, I’ll just vote straight Democrats. Even though I disagree with some of their policies, they still have some self-respect. It is such a damn shame that one of the major political parties is captive and gutless.


The President of the United States called a woman a Horseface. His comment is disgusting and misogynistic, but I am not even shocked or surprised given that he himself a piece of fucking Horseshit.

Vietnamese Kanye

Like Kanye, you have a gift for music. Also like Kanye, you are ill informed as fuck. You support Trump and hate it when people called his supporters uneducated. Sorry to break it to you, but your Facebook posts are filled with fake news. You despite the communist but love Trump. Again, he is a fucking fascist.

You like the way he speaks his mind without any filter. I can see the similarity between you and him. You talk a whole lot of shit too. I am very disappointed and I can no longer listen to your music. Your emotion is fake. How can you sing about romantic love and support a sexual accuser of almost twenty women? I just can’t listen to that shit anymore.

Thank you for unfriended me on Facebook. I am just one of your million fan and follower. It’s all good. Wish you all the best with your music career.

Gender Traitors

Alexis Grenell:

These are the kind of women who think that being falsely accused of rape is almost as bad as being raped. The kind of women who agree with President Trump that “it’s a very scary time for young men in America,” which he said during a news conference on Tuesday.

But the people who scare me the most are the mothers, sisters and wives of those young men, because my stupid uterus still holds out some insane hope of solidarity.

We’re talking about white women. The same 53 percent who put their racial privilege ahead of their second-class gender status in 2016 by voting to uphold a system that values only their whiteness, just as they have for decades.

Spot on.

Sad, Shameful Saturday

When women cried, no one cared. When a white man cried, he got a seat on the Supreme Court. Now those are powerful, privileged tears. What a sad, shameful day for America. We’re one of the most advanced countries in the world, and yet we still leave our women behind.

When I read the final result on his confirmation, I felt so helpless and hopeless. I closed my phone and watched my wife nursing our newborn. The love and the calmness between them helped subsided my anguish. The only thing I could do was to give her a kiss on her forehead.

I wanted her to know that she is respected and appreciated. Seeing her popping ibuprofens and acetaminophens to relieve the pain from the gruesome C-section hurt me so much. The confirmation of a man who is accused of sexual assault to the Supreme Court is a big blow to women. Fortunately, my wife does not let politics affect her. Emotional wise, she is much stronger than I. Yes, I am the bitter bitch in this marriage.

Then again, I can’t do anything other than vote. Vote is the only way to fight back. I can’t wait til November 6.

The Elevator Pitch

Ms. Ana Maria Archila and Ms. Maria Gallagher had given one of the most powerful elevator pitches ever. I have listened to the same clip on various podcasts, and yet it brings tears to my eyes every time. Thank you. Thank you.

Mercatus Uses Private Email Server

David Dayen reports in The Intercepts:

The Mercatus Center at George Mason University, a university-based think tank funded by outside interests including the Koch family foundations, uses a private email server for its communications, according to three sources with knowledge of the situation.

The setup allows Mercatus employees to have “” addresses, without the content of the emails passing through the university email system. Under the Virginia Freedom of Information Act, emails from a publicly funded university could be considered public records, and having a private email server would help get around that requirement.

Just astonishing.