Delaney Ruston’s documentary on screen addiction hits close to home. My wife and I had witnessed extinction bursts when we asked our kids to turn off their digital device. They got addicted before we realized it. Fortunately, my wife has been able to limit screen time to weekends only. The limitation has worked out well. They don’t overreact anymore.

The film does demonstrate the kids’ resiliency. They will overcome the addiction if we set boundary and stay firm. As parents, we need to control our own impulse as well. I haven’t had a cellphone for two months and I am much happier without it. I carry a book with me instead. I have to get a new phone for work. I pre-ordered a Pixel 2, but I am now debating whether I should get it. I will continue to limit my usage at home.

Screen addition is not new, but it is something that parents have to deal with. Talk to your kids and set the balance for them.

Christina P: Mother Inferior

Ms. Pazsitzky kicks off her Netflix debut comparing her tits to Rick Ross’. She is sharp and unapologetic on being a new mother. She makes fun of the DILFs, the millennials, and the transgenders. I enjoyed every minute of her jokes—especially on grammar and blowjob. Tune into Netflix now and momma gonna knock you off your feet laughing.

Def Comedy Jam 25

What a wonderful celebration. It is a treat to see so many talented black comedians having a good time and just being themselves. They cursed, cracked jokes, reminisced, and laughed their asses off. Def Comedy Jam deserves the respect for bringing the rawness form of black comic to the mainstream. As an audience, I admire the bond and the love within the black community.

Jerry Before Seinfeld

In his latest special for Netflix, Seinfeld returns to the Comic Strip to give the audience a glimpse of how he got his start. His materials are simple and lighthearted yet the details and nuances are what make him a comedian’s comedian. This is my first time seeing Seinfeld doing his standup and I enjoyed his writing.

Marc Maron: Too Real

“Alright. I can’t take it,” Marc Maron began his new Netflix special, “I don’t know what’s he gonna do next. An the people who voted for him don’t know what’s he gonna do next.” He spent about 10 minutes on Trump then moved on to being old and letting go. He kept it light and entertaining. An enjoyable watch.

Narcos: Season 3

Without Agent Steve Murphy, played by Boyd Holbrook, Agent Javier Peña, played by Pedro Pascal, takes over the narration and continues his new mission to takedown the Cali Cartel. Season 3 is laced with cocaine, murder, cash, sex, power, and corruption. If you liked the first two seasons, you’ll love the third one. Can’t wait for season 4.

Sarah Silverman: A Speck of Dust

In her latest Netflix special, Silverman takes her humor to dark places. From life starts with sperms to dog crucifixion to Jesus cums on my back to Angelina-Jolie lips to hooks (I won’t spoil this one for you), Silverman brilliantly exercises her freedom of expression. A must-watch.

Tracy Morgan: Staying Alive

Morgan is back after a serious car crash. He jokes about beating his dick all day at the hospital because it was the only part of his body that worked. On marriage, he encourages couples to have sex and keep it hot. Otherwise, they just become roommates. Morgan dresses like a pimp and talks like one. If you can get past the crassness, you’ll enjoy his humors.

Hasan Minhaj: Homecoming King

In his new Netflix special, Indian-American Minhaj tells his personal stories of growing up as a son of immigrants and dealing with racism. With charismatic, charm, and confident, his message delivered: “Once you go brown. You better lock that shit down.”

Norm Macdonald: Hitler’s Dog, Gossip & Tricker

The comic’s comic Macdonald talks about suicide, getting old, and his nuanced interpretation of words such as ID, metaphor, and beauty. His attention to the details, particularly on his word choices, makes his latest special fun and fascinating to watch.