Craig Ferguson: Tickle Fight

In his latest Netflix special, Ferguson talks shit about the president. Trump means shit in Scottish, he muses. It’s not true until people tweet about it. In his 50s, he became a vegan because if he eats an egg he can’t trump for three days. His pussy lips and affection for Japanese toilet are hard to erase visually. He is charming nevertheless.

Spike Lee: She’s Gotta Have It

Lee’s new joint for Netflix makes a powerful statement on sex, feminism, politics, race, art, and black culture. Music plays a huge part on the success of the series. Every time a sample of a song is played, the screen would cut to the album cover of the song. The technique is simple yet simply brilliant.

Charlotte’s Web

While folding baskets of clothes on a Sunday evening, I tuned into Netflix for some passive entertainment. Because the kids were also in the living room, I had no choice but to select something that we all could watch. I can’t stand anymore Elmo or Minecraft YouTube clips of people playing and talking. In contrast, they can’t watch standup comedies or violent films. I chose Charlotte’s Web and we enjoyed it. Xuân made it over an hour before asking for Elmo. Đạo and Đán watched from start to finish. It is such a delightful movie based on one of the most beloved children’s books by E. B. White. Now I want to read it.

Lynne Koplitz: Hormonal Beast

With recent cases of sexual allegations, Ms. Koplitz’s rape joke may come off as insensitive. Then again, she is just releasing her Hormonal Beast. When Ms. Koplitz listed the three things men want, she reminded us of Chris Rock’s food, sex, and silence. I was hoping for different things. At 49, Ms. Koplitz has nice things instead of children. That’s fine. Not everyone wants kids. Likewise, her raunchy comic is not for everyone.

Haters Back Off! Season 2

Season 2 pushes beyond uncomfortable zone. Miranda bathes herself in Pascetti bits. Her mom and her uncle fall in love. Her asshole dad returns to manage her. From kidnapping a middle school girl to putting on a fashion show in the hospital to kissing family members on their lips, season 2 is creepy, bizarre, and cringe-worthy. Yet, I have grown to tolerate it. Underneath her selfishness and insensitivities, Miranda shows her emotion and kindness. She stays true to herself and her goal. Haters Back Off! is not for everyone and you would know it within watching the first five minutes of any episode.

Judah Friedlander: America is the Greatest Country in the United States

Judah Friedlander should be our president. From climate change to health care, racism to sexism, human rights to same-sex marriage, domestic to foreign, he knows all the policies inside out. If he were to debate Trump, he would challenge Trump on abortion: “How can you look at your two sons, Donald and Eric, and still be pro-life?” His deadpan satire is fucking genius. A must-watch if you need some political comic relief.

Patton Oswalt: Annihilation

Oswalt kicks off his latest Netflix special with hilarious Trump jokes. His interactions with the audience members were also entertaining. The riveting part of Annihilation is when he talks about his deceased wife and how he dealt with his daughter during the difficult time. He closes out the heartrending show with a quote from his wife: “It’s chaos. Be kind.”


Delaney Ruston’s documentary on screen addiction hits close to home. My wife and I had witnessed extinction bursts when we asked our kids to turn off their digital device. They got addicted before we realized it. Fortunately, my wife has been able to limit screen time to weekends only. The limitation has worked out well. They don’t overreact anymore.

The film does demonstrate the kids’ resiliency. They will overcome the addiction if we set boundary and stay firm. As parents, we need to control our own impulse as well. I haven’t had a cellphone for two months and I am much happier without it. I carry a book with me instead. I have to get a new phone for work. I pre-ordered a Pixel 2, but I am now debating whether I should get it. I will continue to limit my usage at home.

Screen addition is not new, but it is something that parents have to deal with. Talk to your kids and set the balance for them.

Christina P: Mother Inferior

Ms. Pazsitzky kicks off her Netflix debut comparing her tits to Rick Ross’. She is sharp and unapologetic on being a new mother. She makes fun of the DILFs, the millennials, and the transgenders. I enjoyed every minute of her jokes—especially on grammar and blowjob. Tune into Netflix now and momma Christina gonna knock you off your feet laughing.

Def Comedy Jam 25

What a wonderful celebration. It is a treat to see so many talented black comedians having a good time and just being themselves. They cursed, cracked jokes, reminisced, and laughed their asses off. Def Comedy Jam deserves the respect for bringing the rawness form of black comic to the mainstream. As an audience, I admire the bond and the love within the black community.