Kevin Hart: What Now?

Pocket pussy? Really? I didn’t know it was a thing until I watched Kevin Hart’s record-breaking sold-out performance in Philadelphia. Although his materials aren’t sophisticated or thoughtful, his delivery is entertaining.

Jo Koy: Live From Seattle

Whether talking about his Filipino mother, doting parenting approach, or witnessing a birth of a child, Koy keeps his materials on the lighter side. It’s more entertaining than making you think. I haven’t seem his previous works, but the race jokes might get worn out if he keeps repeating them.

Louis C.K. 2017

In his latest special for Netflix, C.K. explores the uncharted angles on controversial and uncomfortable territories including abortion, suicide, transgender, life, death, and dick. His uncompromising approach is shameful yet joyful to watch. He has mastered the art of embarrassment.

Dave Chappelle: Netflix’s Specials

After a decade on hiatus, Chappelle returns to the stage with two Netflix’s specials. From OJ to Cosby, race to rape, and genders to generations, Chappelle lands a wide range of provocative punches, and yet the two Ps that stand out are police and pussy. Glad he’s back and can’t wait for more.

House of Cards

I had avoided House of Cards for a while now, but gave in after a colleague persuaded me. On Saturday evening, I started watching the first episode after the kids fastened asleep. I ended up watching it until 2:30 in the morning. I can’t escape politic. Since I don’t want to keep up with the real one, my alternative solution is to follow the fake one.

Michael Che Matters

From Jesus as a shitty carpenter to white women taking over Brooklyn to being pro-choice for not having kids, SNL’s Michael Che is provocative but honest. He also explains “screw the pooch,” which doesn’t meaning to fuck a dog. His materials are a bit scattered, but hilarious with punchlines.

Amy Schumer: The Leather Special

Schumer’s strongest moment on The Leather Special is the brief departure to gun control. Unfortunately, that topic only lasted about a minute. The rest of the hour is just dirty sex talk. I am usually don’t mind raunchy jokes, but the in-your-face materials didn’t do it for me.

Katherine Ryan: In Trouble

Ms. Ryan claims that she doesn’t hate all the Jews. She just hates one Jew, but that was how it all started. In her latest Netflix special, Ms. Ryan is frank, funny, and foul as fuck. From coyote to Cosby, she provokes both animal activists and rape victims, but that’s how comedy works. Just laugh and enjoy the show even if the material offends you.

Mike Birbiglia: Thank God for Jokes

In a brilliantly-written, calmly-delivered, and hilarious-yet-serious standup special, Mike Birbiglia caresses the jokes, makes loves to the jokes, and married to the jokes. He proves why jokes matter and why we should embrace them. I can live with that.

Trevor Noah: Afraid of the Dark

Host of The Daily Show Trevor Noah returned to standup to remind us the power of the pussy. Yes, we all came from the pussy and it is still working as intended. Sure, it is funny but predictable. Noah’s most imaginative moment is his impersonation of Nelson Mandela and Barack Obama in a conversation, in which he tied back to Obama’s tag line: “Yes We Can.” It’s an enjoyable watch.