Social Media Automation

In the past couple of days, I started to feed my blog posts into Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn via Whatever I write on here will appear in those social networks within half an hour. I am taking this approach to take control of my own content. I still want to have a presence on social media, but this blog will be the main source. Everything will start from here.

The second reason is to be less active on Facebook and Twitter. Of course I could easily turn them off, but I don’t want to be totally disconnected. I have turned off all my notifications on my phone, but I still have the apps. I will uninstalled them if I keep on checking them. I would be lying if I say that I don’t find the likes, the mentions, and the retweets to be gratifying.

With that said, I want to refocus on my priorities. I am still using RSS feed for keeping up with web design news. I still love reading personal blogs even though only a few people continue to write. I don’t engagement in comments anymore, but I still interact on Twitter and Facebook. With the new automation, I would like to move away from them as well. So if you don’t hear my response on Facebook or Twitter, please understand that I am not ignoring you. I just need to really cut back on my interactions.

Thank you for reading no matter what platform you use.

A Racial Bully

Steve Harvey’s insensitive joke about Asian men didn’t offend me. I heard worst as a kid. I just find it ironic for a Black man to be dismissive about race. He should understand the pain of racism unless he has forgotten about Black history. Even if he’s not a racist, being ignorant about another smaller minority group makes him a racial bully. Chinese is not the only Asian population. Think before you joke.

The Outline Sets Out to Change Online Magazine

For his newly launched The Outline, CEO & EIC Josh Topolsky wanted it to be “a next-generation version of The New Yorker.” After spending about fifteen minutes on the site, I am impressed with its unconventional approach. The site offers no navigation; therefore, you can just get lost in its beautifully designed articles. Its intention is to allow you to focus on the story, but I am more distracted with its sleek designs and animations. I explored quite a bit, but haven’t stopped to read any of the pieces. I wish it was designed for reading rather than browsing.

Christmas Wish List

If you read this site, you know how much I love reading. In addition, I have started to collect books that I would like to keep. In the past few years, I started a collection of books on design, music, technical, typography, and writing.

Around this time of the year, family members (my wife and her sister) asked me what I want for Christmas so I put together a wish list on Amazon of the books that I would like to acquire for my little library. If you would like to buy me a book too, please feel free.

Quang Lý Ra Đi

Nghe tin Quang Lý đột ngột qua đời ở tuổi 66 vì nhồi máu cơ tim khiến tôi bùi ngùi. Tôi rất hâm mộ giọng ca thanh và đẹp của ông. Nhắc đến Quang Lý thì những người say mê giọng hát ngọt ngào của ông sẽ nghĩ ngay đến “Thuyền và biển” (nhạc Phan Huỳnh Điểu và thơ Xuân Quỳnh). Riêng tôi, bài gắn liền với Quang Lý là bản tình ca lãng mạng “Nụ Hôn Gởi Gió” (nhạc Hoàng Việt Khanh và thơ Hiền Vy), đặc biệt qua hai câu, “Môi em mọng đỏ, là đỏ như mơ / Cho anh nhờ gió hôn vào là vào môi em.” Xin cám ơn ông rất nhiều và cầu mong cho linh hồn ông được bình an.