62 Years Apart

On December 1, 1955, a black woman was arrested for refusing to give up her seat. On April 9, 2017, an Asian man was dragged off for refusing to give up his seat.

Tình Dục Trong Ca Từ Của Từ Công Phụng

Nghe bài phân tích của Vĩnh Lạc Đoàn Thế Ngữ về bài “Như Ngọn Buồn Rơi” của Từ Công Phụng khá thú vị. Ông đưa ra một khía cạnh nói lên cảnh đẹp lãng mạng của đôi tình nhân vừa mới trao thân cho nhau:

Ôi nỗi dịu dàng nào đã ngời sáng
trên môi người
trên từng cơn lốc xoay đời
thuyền tình đã đắm trong vòng tay u mê

Mời thưởng thức

Vĩnh Lạc Đoàn Thế Ngữ

Vài tuần trước tôi tình cờ nghe được một đoạn radio nói về bài “Phố Buồn” của Phạm Duy do Vĩnh Lạc Đoàn Thế Ngữ thực hiện qua chương trình “Âm Thanh và Ngôn Từ.” Thế Ngữ phân tích nhạc và lời rất thú vị. Chê hay khen, Thế Ngữ trình bài rất chân thật. Tuy những chương trình này thu âm đã khá lâu nhưng tôi chỉ mới phát hiện. Những bạn nào chưa nghe, những đề tài nói về nhạc Trịnh Công Sơn, Phạm Duy, và Từ Công Phụng nên nghe cho vui. Tất cả các bài có thể nghe hoặc tải xuống ở đây.

Thanks Bảo

Ngô Thiên Bảo:

I found your website, and I am so glad to see someone distill all the thoughts that go into good Vietnamese typography.… I’ve sent my donation to support your online book as gift to future designers in our community.

I really appreciate your generous support.

Switched to HTTPS

All of the Scalia Law Sites are now switched to HTTPS. Mad props to my new developer. After many trials and errors, he finally figured it out. This has been on my to-do list for a while, but I couldn’t to it because I have other requests and projects. I am glad to have someone to just focus on getting this done. Now all of our sites, including the main one, are moved to HTTPS. An added level of security is an added layer peace of mind. I still have so much to learn about running and maintaining servers, but having great people to work with is awesome.

So Far So Good

My part-time backend web developer started this week. He’s knowledgeable and down-to-earth. He has been helping me out with smaller tasks like making online forms and some server administrations. His main project is moving all our WordPress Multisite to HTTPS. With his help, I can focus on design and front-end development; therefore, I am glad to have him joining us.

Reading The Sympathizer

My wife bought Việt Thanh Nguyễn’s The Sympathizer last year to support a fellow Vietnamese-American writer, but she hasn’t read it yet. I am not a fan of fiction, but slowing warming up to it this week. Nguyễn’s mastery of the English language is impressive. For example: “The captain, who hobbled a bit because of venereal disease, threatened to commit suicide unless I found more seats. I offered him my revolver and he skulked off.” I am now on chapter four and planning on finishing it.

Sến Nhảy

Ai thích nhạc trữ tình nghe sến nhảy sẽ khó mà quên.

Bathroom Question

Where can an orangutan turned president pee?

Social Media Automation

In the past couple of days, I started to feed my blog posts into Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn via Whatever I write on here will appear in those social networks within half an hour. I am taking this approach to take control of my own content. I still want to have a presence on social media, but this blog will be the main source. Everything will start from here.

The second reason is to be less active on Facebook and Twitter. Of course I could easily turn them off, but I don’t want to be totally disconnected. I have turned off all my notifications on my phone, but I still have the apps. I will uninstalled them if I keep on checking them. I would be lying if I say that I don’t find the likes, the mentions, and the retweets to be gratifying.

With that said, I want to refocus on my priorities. I am still using RSS feed for keeping up with web design news. I still love reading personal blogs even though only a few people continue to write. I don’t engagement in comments anymore, but I still interact on Twitter and Facebook. With the new automation, I would like to move away from them as well. So if you don’t hear my response on Facebook or Twitter, please understand that I am not ignoring you. I just need to really cut back on my interactions.

Thank you for reading no matter what platform you use.